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School O' Ball

Coach Nichols' School O' Ball

Are You playing too many games, but not LEARNING how to play?


Do You play on a good team but know you have weaknesses in your game or shot that still need improvement?


If so, then Coach Nichols' School O' Ball is for you!

“THE COACH NICHOLS' SCHOOL O’ BALL” is a year round program offered in 8 week session blocks designed to build a Guaranteed Competitive Advantage over time. Aspiring basketball players of any experience level, school, club or professional team affiliation, have the opportunity to reach their God-given potential with Coach Nichols' School O'Ball curriculum.

About the Program
  • The only program in San Diego County dedicated to increased and progressive basketball skill development culminating in a "full offensive and defensive package" 
  • This is NOT "drills and skills" Sunday.  School O'Ball is an 8 week, Progressive Program designed to maximize your athlete's potential by taking them to the next level in rapid sequence, making them their game-ready best.
  • Offered YEAR ROUND for a Guaranteed Competitive Advantage
  • One day a week in Carlsbad or San Marcos, California
  • Six 8-week blocks per year
  • K-12, divided by skill level
  • Girls and Boys
Locations & Times

1:30pm-3pm, CARLSBAD: Army and Navy Academy (2605 Carlsbad Boulevard, Carlsbad, CA 92008)
4pm-5:30pm, SAN MARCOS: Play by Play Basketball Courts (1601 San Elijo Rd, San Marcos, CA 92078)

Your Investment

Your best investment in the School O' Ball is for the complete 8 week session. Each 1 1/2 hour workout builds upon the skills practiced the week before. Your athlete will gain notable improvement by the end of the session.  

Your investment in the eight-week session is $199 for players in 5th grade through 12th grade, and $139 for those in K through 4th grade (1 hour session).

We do offer pro-rated prices should you join a session already underway until the 4th week. After that, we offer a pay-as-you-go price of $35 session.

Register Any Time

Get Your Opponent to Do What They Have Been Taught to Do -- and Beat Them at It!

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Private and Semi-Private Instruction Available

Get ready for your next season with private instruction that will make you stand out from the crowd. Build a "full package" of offense and defense. Call Coach Nichols at 858-254-9368